Need quality, original content tailored to perfectly satisfy the needs of your brand? I’m the guy you’re looking for.

All my work is completely original and absent of spelling or grammar errors. I do not write for the search engines either: I write engaging content for a human audience to truly capture the voice of your brand. I understand the increasing importance of quality over quantity, and I strive to make certain that all of my clients will be happy with my work. If you choose to work with me, you can also be sure that I will fulfil your strict deadline requirements.

Please note that, in order to ensure that you receive only the best quality content from me, I will only write on subjects with which I am familiar. I am a single freelance writer – I do not work with a team, and absolutely all work is done by me alone. I would be happy to consider any proposals on the following subject matter:

  • Digital marketing
  • Enterprise IT and cloud computing
  • Travel, including tips and advice and destination guides
  • Popular science
  • Personal finance
  • Computer software, operating systems and hardware
  • Mobile phones, operating systems and apps
  • Real estate and home improvement

If your niche does not fit into any of the above categories, I may still be able to help you or at least suggest a more suitable writer.

Most of my work involves writing blog posts and similar content, although I am also happy to write on a variety of other content formats including the following:

  • White papers
  • Lists
  • How-to guides
  • Case studies

I do not write press releases or reviews, unless I have personal experience with the product or service in question.

I work with a wide variety of clients, and I understand that every business has their individual needs, so when you work with me, I’ll be happy to do the following for no additional fee:

  • Provide content ideas for your blog or other website
  • Format content as per your requirements or writers’ guidelines
  • Add links to royalty-free images to your content
  • Include links and/or research materials used
  • Post content directly to your blog or website
  • Write in either U.S. or British English


I understand that every business needs to budget, so I like to be completely up-front about my rates. I charge flat rates for all my content, depending on whether it includes my byline or is ghostwritten. However, for large amounts of work or regular content, I would be happy to provide a custom quote.

Bylined Content

12¢ per word

  • My byline included in the content
  • You have exclusive rights to the content
  • I can link to the content in my portfolio

Ghostwritten Content

14¢ per word

  • You are the credited author
  • You have exclusive rights to the content
  • I will not link to the content in my portfolio