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I’m Charles Owen-Jackson, freelance writer at your disposal.

A Writer for Life

I was never one for being chained to an office desk. Fortunately, my choice of career has afforded me the opportunity to work with clients whom I truly value. Born and raised in the United Kingdom, I moved permanently to the beautiful Czech capital of Prague in late 2011, where I live with my wife and two daughters.

I’ve been a full-time freelancer since early 2008, writing for entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes seeking to make an impact on the Web. Over the years, I’ve built up an expert knowledge in the fields of digital marketing and enterprise and consumer technology. I’ve worked with many content formats ranging from short blog posts to eBooks, whitepapers and printed magazines. I’m proud to have worked with companies like Iron Mountain, Cybrary, and CloudFactory on their content marketing strategies, as well as with digital agencies like Pronto Marketing.

My passion for writing and technology began when I was a child. I remember writing a novel on my already ancient Amiga 500+ back in 1998. Since then, my writing has developed into a full-time career, but that’s not to say I don’t still write for love as well. In my free time, I also write articles for my popular science blog, and I’m working on a novel project that was first conceived by pen and paper in my early teenage years.

Why Work with Me?

Every piece I write provides value to your business. Like many of my peers, I first started writing for the content mills. That was over a decade ago, and I’ve learned a great deal since then. I’ve learned that content marketing isn’t just about search engine optimisation. It’s about crafting compelling articles for human readers who crave genuinely informative, entertaining and relevant content. It’s about building meaningful relationships with your customers and amplifying your brand across multiple online and offline channels to make a lasting impact. That’s why I only write about subjects that I’m passionate about and have genuine, first-hand expertise in, such as the following:

  • Enterprise software and cloud computing
  • Cybersecurity and compliance
  • Digital marketing, branding and e-commerce
  • Consumer electronics and computer hardware
  • Personal finance and real estate
  • Travel, leisure and digital entertainment
  • Popular science and the natural sciences

Whether it’s copywriting, blogging or ghostwriting, clients use my content to increase their visibility, grow their customer bases and inspire brand advocacy. That’s also the sort of content that the search engines love!

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