Freelance B2B blog writing services

Boost your search visibility and build brand authority with professional blog-writing services

Blogging offers a proven way for B2B companies to generate traffic and engage their target audiences. But increasing your visitor count with good SEO is only the first part of the battle. A great blog post also keeps readers on the page with value-adding content that builds brand authority and helps earn the trust of your potential customers.

How my professional blog writing services help your business

My B2B blog writing services help to amplify your brand and build authority by informing and educating your target audience.

My business blogging services are ideal if you want to:

  • Publish high-quality original writing for your business website
  • Increase your visibility in organic search engine results
  • Share your insights and expertise with your readers
  • Become an authoritative resource in your industry
  • Inform your customers about your products and services

A high-quality business blog puts the target audience – not the search engines – at the centre of attention. By informing, educating, and entertaining your target audience, you keep them coming back from more. And that’s the sort of content that Google loves.

My B2B blog-writing process

Whether you’re a business owner, CMO, content marketing manager, or content strategist, my job is to make your life easier. That goes beyond creating quality content. For new clients, I recommend starting off with a kick-off call to discuss your content marketing goals and how they align with your unique value proposition (UVP). For retainer clients, I also recommend monthly calls to discuss strategy and topic ideation. These sessions are included in my rates.

Here’s my preferred blog-writing process:

  • We’ll work together to complete a content development brief
  • I’ll carry out extensive online research around the key points
  • I’ll craft an original, SEO-friendly blog post based on your brief
  • I’ll provide up to two revision rounds based on your feedback
  • I’ll keep you informed about progress and meet every deadline

I tailor my blog-writing services to work seamlessly with your existing content marketing processes. You can expect proactive email communications, and I’m always willing to work in a flexible way that accommodates your schedule.

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B2B article and blog post portfolio samples

Here are some samples of the B2B articles and blog posts I’ve completed for various clients. These samples will help you decide if my content writing services are right for you.

Fiverr: Drupal vs. WordPress: Which is Best for SMBs in 2023?

Drupal and WordPress are two of the most popular website builders. But which one is better? This guide will help you decide which one is best for you.

IBM: Social Engineering in the Era of Generative AI: Predictions for 2024

Breakthroughs in generative AI are driving an arms race between cybersecurity and social engineering scammers. Here’s how it’s set to play out in 2024.

CloudFactory: AI and the Pursuit of Hoppiness for Czech Farmers

Agricultural AI is set to transform farming to help tackle the most pressing challenges of our times, such as climate change and staff shortages.

Finout: The Best Azure Cost Management Tools in 2023

While Azure’s autoscaling features provide flexibility and computing on demand, it can be easy to lose control over costs without extra tooling.

Iron Mountain: The Environmental Impact of Dark Data

Dark data isn’t just a burden on governance – it’s also responsible for releasing millions of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere annually

Worldr: How to Prepare for the Future of Social Engineering

Social engineering is evolving rapidly as attackers leverage a broader range of channels and methods. Here’s what businesses need to do to stop them.

B2B articles and blog posts pricing

My standard B2B article and blog post pricing rates are per post for up to four blog posts per month or as a single bulk order. I’m happy to negotiate discounts for larger volumes of work and monthly retainer contracts.

  • Starting from US$0.50 per word

Frequently asked questions about my blog writing services

Professional blog writing services help you increase organic search traffic, build authority in your industry, and increase brand trust. The more high-quality content you have, the better.

Clients provide instructions in various different ways. Some only provide a key phrase, while others provide highly detailed briefs. If you’re not quite sure where to start, I recommend filling in my content development brief.

B2B blog posts include topical content based on the latest industry trends or evergreen pieces focusing on educational content. If you’re not sure what you need, I’m happy to collaborate over long-term blog strategy and ideation as part of my additional content strategy services.

Blog posts should never be longer than they need to be to get their point across. In general, however, longer articles that cover a topic in depth tend to perform better in search results and deliver more value to readers.

How often you publish blog posts depends on various factors, such as your industry, budget, and content marketing goals. HubSpot recommends that smaller businesses post between once and four times per week.

Although I do all my writing in Microsoft Word, I’m happy to collaborate over Google Docs or post directly to your content management system at no additional cost.

There are many proven tools for measuring the performance of your blog. I recommend either Google Analytics or, for WordPress users, Jetpack, both of which I used myself.

I do not provide guest-blogging services. However, whether you publish your articles on your own website or any other is entirely up to you. You own the full rights for all purchased content.

I don’t provide design services. However, I’m happy to source images or take screenshots at no extra cost where appropriate. Please note that I cannot purchase images from fee-paying websites like Getty Images or Shutterstock, but I can provide recommendations.

How long it takes to see results, such as an increase in traffic or conversion rates, depends on your industry, competition, and other factors. It can take a few months for posts to rank in search, especially for a new website.

My standard writing style is professional but accessible. However, I’m always happy to work according to your brand’s individual tone and style. I can write in either US or British English.

Quality blog posts promote themselves to a degree by ranking in the search results. However, companies can further increase visibility by promoting their blogs in their email marketing and social media campaigns.

Since my availability can vary significantly, I can only guarantee the turnaround times specified in my proposals or retainer contracts. However, I can typically complete a single blog post within one week of ordering.

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