Freelance case study writing services

Convince your prospects that your business offers the solution they need with a well-written case study

Few things carry more credibility with your prospects than an expertly written story about an existing customer’s success. An expertly crafted case study is like a supercharged testimonial, building trust and authority by demonstrating how your product or service has helped a customer address a real-world challenge.

How my expert case study writing services help your business

My customer case study writing services leverage the experiences of your most satisfied customers to establish credibility and build trust.

My case study services are ideal if you want to:

  • Increase conversions with real customer success stories
  • Demonstrate experience and expertise in your industry
  • Supercharge your client testimonials with real success stories
  • Turn loyal customers into enthusiastic brand advocates
  • Equip your sales and marketing teams with social proof

A high-quality case study puts readers in the shoes of your customers to help them better relate to your offer and how it can benefit them. The best case studies are based on client interviews and typically structured in a problem, solution, result (PSR) format and backed up by hard data presented in an easily digestible fashion.

My case study writing process

While not usually longer than a couple of pages, writing a compelling case study is a complex and iterative process. The most effective case studies leverage interviews with clients, who will ideally give you permission to use their brand name. They should also incorporate hard evidence in the form of data-driven insights and direct customer quotes to support the client’s success story.

Here’s my recommended case study writing process:

  • We’ll start with a kick-off call to discuss your project and its goals
  • We’ll schedule a call with the customer you want to write the case study about
  • I’ll draft a high-quality case study based on the recorded interview
  • I’ll complete a revision round based on your internal feedback
  • We’ll submit the case study to your client for their approval
  • If required, I’ll make any final changes per your client’s request

I’m ready to collaborate with you and your team in a professional, flexible, and friendly way to ensure that the case study process goes as smoothly as possible. I’m happy either to interview your customers directly, or craft a case study based on a pre-recorded interview.

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Case study portfolio samples

Here are some recent samples of the case studies I’ve completed for various clients. These samples will help you decide if my case study writing services are right for you.

Vividly: How Vividly Enhanced Jovial’s Visibility into Trade Spend

Jovial turns to Vividly to help them dig their way out of a complicated deductions process and improve visibility into their trade spend.

Cybrary: Melwood Expands Education and Career Development Initiatives

Nonprofit organization Melwood expands its education and career advancement initiatives in the IT sector with the help of Cybrary for Teams

Event Store: Wiser scaled retail pricing intelligence with EventStoreDB

Wiser scales retail pricing intelligence by using EventStoreDB to eliminate redundant data and build a unified high-availability event-sourcing platform

Case study pricing

My case study writing rates include a scoping call, outlining, interviews with your clients, and two feedback and revision rounds.

  • Starting from US$1.00 per word

Frequently asked questions about my case study writing services

B2B customer relationships rely hugely on trust and professionalism. Having a poor-quality case study done on the cheap has the opposite effects, and there’s a high chance the customer won’t approve its publication either. However, a great case study is one of the most powerful B2B content marketing formats of all.

Case studies should always be about real customer experiences, even if the customer isn’t specifically named. The best case studies are based on customer interviews and should ideally include quotes from said interviews, along with relevant data points to back up any claims made.

I don’t provide design services. However, I’m happy to source images or take screenshots at no extra cost where appropriate. Please note that I cannot purchase images from fee-paying websites like Getty Images or Shutterstock, but I can provide recommendations.

Case studies typically follow a fairly standard format. They start with a bit about the customer, followed by their problem or goal, your solution, the results and benefits, and a callout quote – usually in that order. It’s normal to use a professional and business-like tone when writing case studies, but I’m always happy to adapt to your specific branding.

There are various proven ways to promote your case studies, including email and social media marketing and creating a compelling landing page. I also recommend publishing them in PDF format and printing them to hand out to prospects you meet in person.

Since my availability can vary significantly, I can only guarantee the turnaround times specified in my proposals or retainer contracts. It’s important to remember that writing a case study also requires an interview with the client, so how long everything takes also depends on their availability. The only exception is if you already have a recorded interview, in which case we can get started right away. In most cases, I find that the entire end-to-end process takes 3-4 weeks (excluding design).

Case studies should be long enough to tell the customer’s story, but not longer. Most case studies typically fall within the 500- and 1,000-word range. However, more complex customer success stories, such as those spanning lengthy implementation periods or involving complex products, may be as long as 2,000 words.

You can never have too many great case studies, just like you can never have too many glowing testimonials or reviews. However, the best time to start working on a case study is whenever you have a highly satisfied client who’s willing to share their success story. Case studies are all the more important for start-ups that need to build social proof.

You can measure the success of your whitepapers by tracking metrics like downloads, shares, number of leads captured, and website traffic.

Yes. It’s essential that you seek the customer’s permission if you’d like to include their brand name, names of their employees, or any other proprietary, personal, or other confidential information in the case study. If they don’t grant this permission, then any identifying information will need to be redacted, making the case study anonymous.

Case studies are effectively heavyweight testimonials. They provide a more in-depth analysis of a particular situation, including key data points, customer quotes, and compelling storytelling.

It’s almost invariably better if a customer gives you their permission to tell the story of your your company helped them achieve their goals. Sometimes, however, the story might be too sensitive. Fortunately, it’s often possible to anonymise a case study while retaining much of its impact. For example, in anonymous case studies, I tend to provide more detail, include quotes, and use prestige descriptors.

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