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Engage your audience and drive sales with exceptional website copywriting services

Your website is your online storefront, and we all know that first impressions count. That’s why you need website copy that not only captures visitors’ attention, but also persuades them to take action. Quality website copy does exactly that by emphasising benefits over features, speaking directly to the pain points of your target audience, and amplifying your brand’s voice. I can help with landing pages, product pages, homepages, about pages, and more.

How my professional website copywriting writing services help your business

My B2B website copywriting services help you engage your target audience and turn visitors into conversions.

My website copywriting services are ideal if you want to:

  • Increase conversions with engaging website copy
  • Boost your reach in organic search engine results
  • Communicate your unique value proposition
  • Stand out in a crowded digital landscape
  • Inform people about your products and services

Effective website copy puts your target audience first with messaging that educates and persuades. With content that truly resonates with your audience and their pain points, you’ll have everything you need to turn more visitors into conversions.

My B2B website copywriting process

Every website copywriting project begins with a commitment to understanding your business and its target audience. That’s why I strongly recommend starting off with a scoping call to discuss your industry, competitors, and target market. I’ll then use this information, in addition to my own research, to craft compelling website copy that’s tailored to your brand’s unique voice.

Here’s my recommended website copywriting process:

  • We’ll start with a scoping call to discuss your project
  • I’ll carry out extensive competitive and industry research
  • I’ll craft original, SEO-friendly website copy that stands out
  • I’ll provide up to two revision rounds based on your feedback
  • I’ll keep you informed about progress and meet every deadline

I tailor my website copywriting services to integrate seamlessly with your existing website design and brand messaging. You can expect clear and punctual communication throughout the project, with proactive updates and a flexible approach that accommodates your schedule and preferences.

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Website copywriting pricing

My standard website copywriting rates are $1 per word. However, I’m always happy to negotiate a discount for larger volumes of work, such as writing entire websites. Moreover, if you’re updating or refreshing an existing webpage, I’m happy to offer a reduced rate depending on the scope of the work.

  • Starting from US$1.00 per word

Frequently asked questions about my website copywriting services

Investing in professional website copywriting services ensures you have content that engages your target audience, communicates your unique value proposition, and drives conversions. Ultimately, the quality and relevance of your website content make the difference between whether a visitor decides to do business with you or go to a competitor instead.

I can write any kind of website copy, provided the topic falls within one of my areas of expertise. Types of website copy I write include landing pages for products and services, homepages, and about pages.

Clients provide instructions in various ways. My preferred starting point is a completed content development brief. However, given the special importance and high visibility of webpages, as opposed to blog posts and general marketing collateral, I strongly recommend we start with a call to discuss your vision, target audience, and your place among the competition.

No. I do not provide design services, custom visuals, or themes for content management systems. However, when writing website copy, I’m happy to work closely with your web designer or with a page template or wireframe to ensure that my content fits with your preferred format.

It depends on the type of website copy, but there are no set rules. Generally, things like product landing pages and homepages should be short, concise, and benefit-driven. Of course, more complex products or groupings of products naturally require longer landing pages. However more detailed explanations are usually better suited to whitepapers and other long-form content.

By far the most important characteristic of good website copy is its ability to engage human readers. After all, visitors aren’t interested in whether or not your site is optimised for search. That said, I always follow the latest SEO best practices, and I incorporate them into my website copywriting.

Whether you’re looking for a quality landing page, homepage, or any other website copy, it’s imperative that it aligns with your brand’s unique tone and style. I work closely with your team to ensure that your website content is consistent with your brand. I can also write in either US or British English.

Since my availability can vary significantly, I can only guarantee the turnaround times specified in my proposals. However, my typical turnaround time for a single page of web content is up to one week.

Absolutely! Every business changes and evolves to add new products or services or update existing ones. It’s imperative that your website copy reflects this, which is why I’m always happy to refresh and update existing content.

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