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I’m the writer you’re looking for. I craft compelling content
for digital marketing and B2B technology firms.

Here’s what I can do for you:

Content Formats

I’m work with a wide range of written content formats including, but not limited to, blog posts, website copy, case studies, whitepapers, and ebooks.

Topic Research

I can either work with topic outlines provided by you or do my own research from scratch at no additional cost. If you like, I’ll also include links to my sources.

Focus Areas

My primary focus areas are digital marketing, business, and technology. My clients include digital agencies, B2B SaaS vendors, and business consultancy firms.

Exclusive Rights

You have exclusive rights to all content, whether it includes my byline or not. You’ll be the owner of the content and be able to publish it wherever you like.

Ghostwritten Content

If you want to be the credited author, then I’ve got you covered. I also provide full ghostwriting services that allow you to change and use the content as you please.

Editorial Calendar

It’s good to keep organized. That’s why I provide all my long-term clients with an editorial calendar that we can both edit to help keep track of the content strategy.

My content will help your brand…

Enhance Visibility

Increase your brand’s standing in the search engines and shareability on social media.

Drive Traffic

Boost traffic to your website with insightful content and make a lasting impact.

Build Authority

Show potential clients that your brand is a trusted authority in its industry.

Nurture Leads

Keep potential and existing customers coming back for more with value-driven content.

Earn Customers

Improve conversion rates by establishing trust and building genuine value.

Improve Communication

Help your customers get more out of your product or service by addressing their needs.

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